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Dreaming Again

Grimes and the Gaijin Daimyo the first A Bertram Chandler story to be published in 24 year is now available in the Anthology Dreaming Again edited by Jack Dann.

The Story

John Grimes is lost in space with a comely policewoman. A encounter with an Alien God leads them to their very own 'Garden of Eden'


  • Hale: For Susan as Always
  • Daw: None
  • Goldmann: Für Admiral Lord Hornblower, Royal Navy

Published Editions

  • Hale 4592-6, (UK), 2-75, 158pp, £2.10
  • Hayakawa Shobô SF 200, (Japan), 1976, 238pp, 270 Yen, {as IJIGEN NO EDEN}
  • Terra Taschenbuch TB295, (Germany), 12-77, 161pp, DM3.80 {as UNIVERSUM DER ROBOTER}

The Broken Cycle

Hale 4592-6

Cover by Helen Hale

Published Editions (Cont.)

  • Urania, (Italy), 1977
  • Daw UE1496 #360, (US), 10-79, 156pp, $1.75
  • Goldmann 23759-9, (Germany), 1983, 155pp, DM5.80 {translated into German by Denis Scheck, as GRIMES IM PARADIES DES TODES}
  • Palm Digital (e-book) 80746-3, 2000, $5.95
  • Baen Books (USA), 2007, e-book, $4.00, www.webscription.net
  • Baen Books, (US), March 2011, Paperback, $12.00
  • Baen Books, (US), March 2011, eBook, $6.00, www.webscription.net

The Broken Cycle

Hayakawa Shobô SF 174

Cover by Naoyuki Kato

The Broken Cycle

Terra Taschenbuch #295

Cover by Angus McKie

The Broken Cycle

Daw UE1496 #360

Cover by Richard Hescox

Grimes im Paradies des Todes

Goldmann 23759-9

Cover by Bob Petillo

John Grimes: Survey Captain


Cover by Matt Stawicki

The Broken Cycle

Baen Books SKU: 0207116075

La Route des Confins

Baen Books
ISBN 978-1-43913421-4

Cover by Stephen Hickman