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The Rim of Space on Audio

Blackstone Audio have release The Rim of Space on Audio as part of A Galaxy Trilogy VOL. 4

The Story

Derek Calver touches down on Lorn and is determined to join the Rim Runners to explore desolate planets.
He joins the crew of Lorn Lady and sets forth for Mellise, inhabited by intelligent amphibians; for Groller, where the natives have just qualified as humanoids; for Stree with its tea loving lizards; and Tharn, home of a pre-industrial civilization.


The Avalon edition is dedicated "To Susan, who belongs on the Rim". The other editions are dedicated "For Susan, whose blend of saintliness and cynicism is peculiar to the Rim."

The Rim of Space


Cover by Ed Emshwiller


Two chapters (4 and 5) included in the original Avalon edition of this story have been removed from the subsequent Ace and Priory editions. These chapters are included in the CD ROM edition.

"A long time ago the first of the Rim Worlds novels, The Rim of Space (my title was To Run The Rim) was published in hard cover by Avalon. Very shortly thereafter it was published, in paperback, by Ace. In those days Ace had a limit of 40,000 words. The book was episodic, so Ace merely excised one chapter without any effect upon continuity. Unluckily the artist responsible for the Ace cover read the book in hard cover before doing his pretty painting. And, of course, he just had to illustrate the hacked—out chapter."

The Rim of Space

Ace F-133

Cover by Ed Valigursky

Published Editions

  • Avalon, (UK), 5-61, 220pp, $2.95
  • Ryerson (Canada), 1961
  • Ace F-133, (US), 3-62, 128pp, 40c
  • Terra #214, (Germany), 1962,61pp, DM 0.70 {as AM RANDE DER MILCHSTRASSE}
  • in I Romanzi del Cosmo #110, (Italy), 1962, 144pp, L. 150 {as I FUORILEGGE DELL'UNIVERSO}
  • in I Capolavori della fantascienza #54, (Italy), 1966, {as I FUORILEGGE DELL'UNIVERSO}
  • Priory 1057 (UK), 1973, 128pp, 20p

Am Rande Der Milchstrasse

Terra #214

Published Editions

  • Bridbooks (UK), 1973, 128pp, 30p
  • Bastei Lübbe 00487-6, (Germany) 1976, 142pp, DM 2,80 {as VAGABUNDEN DER GALAXIS}
  • Ace 72402-2, (US), 11-79, 169pp, $1.95
  • Ace 72404, (US), 9-81, 169pp, $2.75
  • Allison & Busby 8990-1, 5-81
  • Sphere 2247-0, (UK), 5-81, 123pp, £1.25
  • Global Interactive Corporation (US) 1995 - Interactive CD-ROM
  • in RIM LEGENDS, Act Mockba, (Russia), 2004, 734pp
  • in A GALAXY TRILOGY VOL. 4, Blackstone Audio. Inc., (US), 2009, Audiobook, Read by Tom Weiner

I Fuorilegge Dell'Universo

I Romanzi Del Cosmo

The Rim of Space


The Rim of Space

Priory 1057

Vagabunden de Galaxis

Bastei Lübbe

Cover by Eddie Jones

The Rim of Space

Ace 72404

Cover by Attilla Heja

The Rim of Space

Allison & Busby

Cover by Peter Elson

The Rim of Space


Cover by Peter Elson

Leonard Nimoy Science Fiction - Volume 2 Including The Rim of Space

Global Interactive Corporation (CD-ROM)

Legends of the Rim

Act Mockba 2003

Legends of the Rim

Blackstone Audio Inc. 2009