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The Rim of Space on Audio

Blackstone Audio have release The Rim of Space on Audio as part of A Galaxy Trilogy VOL. 4

The Story

John Grimes falls into the clutches of terrorists. Its going to talk all his efforts to keep his precious golden ship. (Especially as it is infected with mini-Susies who were sharp-toothed, hungry and ready to eat him alive.)


For Susan-who bears little resemblance to Susie

Published Editions

  • Robert Hale 6646, (UK), 6-78, 160pp, £3.75
  • Daw UE1385 #295, (US), 6-78, 175pp, $1.75
  • Hayakawa-Shobô SF 327, (Japan), 1979, 284pp, 340 Yen {as SEIKAN UNYUSEN GÔDATSUSARU}
  • Goldmann 23765-3, (Germany), 1984, 189pp, DM5.80 {translated into German by Denis Scheck, as GRIMES IN GEFÄHRLICHER MISSION}

To Keep The Ship

Robert Hale

Cover by Helen Hale

Published Editions (Cont.)

  • Palm Digital (e-book) 80488-X, 2000, $5.95
  • Baen Books (USA), 2007, e-book, $4.00, www.webscription.net

To Keep The Ship

Daw UE1385 #295

Cover by H. R. Van Dongen

Seikan Unyusen Gôdatsusaru

Hayakawa-Shobô SF 327

Cover by Naoyuki Kato

Grimes in gefährlicher Mission

Goldmann 23765-4

Cover by Robert Petillo

Grimes in gefährlicher Mission


Cover by Jim Burns

To Keep The Ship

Baen Books SKU: 0879978279