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Aural Delights Nov 2008

The A Bertram Chandler Story UFO is now available as an audio podcast from Starship Sofa Aural Delights No 48

The Story

Strange things happen near the Rim of Space. John Grimes meets John Grimes in a tale from the outside of time and space.


With the author's sincere thanks to Poul Anderson for his loan of Captain Sir Dominic Flandry.

Published Editions

  • Ace 13783, (US), 5-71, 117pp, 75c
  • Terra Astra #55, (Germany), 1972, 65pp, DM1.00, {as RAUMSCHIFF AUS DEM NICHTS}
  • Ace 72401-9, (US), 8-78, 202pp, $1.95
  • Ace 37064-0, (US), 9-81, 377pp, $2.50
  • Ace 72403-5, (US), 8-81, 202pp, $2.25
  • Delta Science Fiction SF 153, (Sweden), 1982, {as KOSMISK GÅTA}, 111pp, Skr 52.00

The Dark Dimensions

Ace 13783

Cover by Kelly Freas

Published Editions (Cont.)

  • Hayakawa-Shobô, (Japan), 1989, 266pp, 420 yen
  • Palm Digital (e-book) 8124-9, 2002, $5.95
  • in COMMANDER GRIMES, Act Mockba, (Russia), 2004
  • Baen Books (USA), 2007, e-book, $4.00, www.webscription.net

Raumschiff aus dem Nichts

Terra Astra #55

The Dark Dimensions

Ace 72403-5

Cover by Rowena Morrill

Kosmisk GÅTa

Delta Science Fiction SF 153

Contraband From Otherspace

Hayakawa SF-816

Cover by Hayakawa SF-816

Commander Grimes

Act Mockba


John Grimes: Reserve Commodore


Cover by A.C. Farley

The Dark Dimensions

Baen Books SKU: 0441724035