The Mentor 1971 - 1984


The Mentor is an Australian Science Fiction Fanzine published by Ron L. Clarke. A Bertram Chandler was a frequent contributor starting from 1971 and continuing up until his death in 1984. Chandler had a regular column called Grimesish Grumberlings where his mind ranged across ideas within and outside of the Science Fiction community. Ron has kindly provided scans of these articles and these have now been republished on this web site.

Recent editions of The Mentor are available on the web on the eFanzine web site.


The Mentor 24

In Memory of A. B. Chandler

You set your sight so far outwards
that you own light far raced fowards
you've left us earth bound
broken gravity's bond
forever now you can sail
along the edge of night
blazing a star bright trail
burning nova ever bright.

- Julie Vaux.
(The Mentor #52)


The Mentor
Publication Date  
To Run The Rim
May 1965
No Room In The Stable
August 1971
Australian S. F. Fans
October 1971  
Mission Impossible 21 October 1971  
Ted White's Time Machine 22 April 1972  
The Utter Limit 22 April 1972  
Grimes-San and The Naked Lady 24 March 1978  
The Streaker 26 August 1980  
Grimesish Grumberlings 28 December 1980  
Grimesish Grumberlings: Susan Wood - A Tribute 29 February 1981  
Grimesish Grumberlings: The Road to Gor 31 June 1981  
Grimesish Grumberlings: Where Have All the Pigs Gone? 32 August 1981  
Grimesish Grumberlings: Pig Island Revisited 33 October 1981  
Letter 34 October 1981  
Grimesish Grumberlings: The Death of a Thousand Cuts 34 October 1981  
Grimesish Grumberlings: Up, Up and Away 35 December 1981  
Grimesish Grumberlings: Nothing Like a Good Whinge 36 January 1982  
Grimesish Grumberlings: The Curse of Ned Kelly 37 April 1982  
Grimesish Grumberlings: A Cook's Tour of Convenience Food Country 38 June 1982  
Letter 39 August 1982  
Grimesish Grumberlings: The Quest For Fire 39 August 1982  
Letter 40 October 1982  
Grimesh Grumberlings: "Pet Corns" 40 October 1982  
Grimesish Grumberlings: Better A Bad Review Than None at All - Perhaps 42 February 1983  
Grimesish Grumberlings: Times Ain't What They Were - But Were They Ever? 43 April 1983  
Grimesish Grumberlings: Rally Round The Flag, Boys 44 June 1983  
Grimesish Grumberlings: Ellison Show 45 August 1983  
Letter 46 October 1983  
Grimesish Grumberlings: The Misplaced Apostrophe and Other Crimes 46 October 1983  
Grimesish Grumberlings: Kelly Country Foreward 47 December 1983  
Grimesish Grumberlings: Round Up the Usual Suspects 48 February 1984  
Letter 49 April 1984  
Grimesish Grumberlings: All Aboard For Armageddon 49 April 1984  
Grimesish Grumberlings: The Anjin-Sama and the Admiral Revisited 50 July 1984  
Grimesish Grumberlings: If This is Tokyo It Must Be Friday 53 October 1984  
Publication Date      
Kangaroos Don't Smoke
September 1969    
September 1969    
Letter (Solaris)
September 1972    
Publication Date      
Grimesish Grumberlings:Lost In Space and Time Without (Alas!) Ferdinand Feghoot
December 1973    
Grimesish Grumberlings:The Ultimate Blimp
March 1974    
Forerunner Quaterly
Publication Date      
The Square On The Hypothenuse
August 1975    
You Could Always Look At the Pictures
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